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Depression, Suicide and Disease, how to cope, heal and clear it Holistically :)

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

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This Wednesday morning, April 13th, 2011, the Angels have guided me to share a personal experience with you. I’m bearing my soul here and showing you a very vulnerable side of who I am in hopes that I can help someone else who is in my same place.

The last couple of days I’ve felt completely depressed, down and out, suicidal even, which is part of my past family history. I’ve dedicated myself and my life to fulfilling my purpose for being on the planet, that being an Angel communicator and Holistic Energy Healer. I do work for God and I am an Ordained Minister here to teach the truth of life to all.

The last couple days though I’ve felt like completely giving up on life and my mission. I would never hurt myself in that way, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t prayed for God to let me leave to free me from the pain. I’m bearing myself to you to let you know that all people whether it be a doctor or a therapist, all people are human and we all have concerns that we are coping and hopefully healing within ourselves. As a matter of fact if you asked most doctors and therapists what motivated them to become who they are, I would bet that the majority of them would say it was some first hand experience that they endured which gave them the drive to become the healer they have become.

There was a part of me that was resistant to sharing my personal weaknesses with you but my daughter came home and told me that girl in her high school class had taken her life yesterday and that was the motivator for me to share my truths in hopes that maybe, just maybe if this knowledge reached just one person, to save one life, it would be worth my effort here.

You may or may not have heard that recently the sun released the largest solar flare in history, that blast of energy created the opportunity for us to clear at extremely deep levels stuff from our past. What I have come to remember through my spiritual growth and studies over the last 18 years is that truly God is the Sun, which provides life to every living thing on this planet. God is a mass of energy and light in the sky, and as our God Sun released that huge surge of energy some of us may have felt it more than others. Now me being the energy sensitive person that I am, I felt it very much so, which caused the major depression I’ve been experiencing lately.

Everything about us is energy and that is how we truly heal and change who we are at the root of who we are, by clearing and purging old energy and bringing in new healthy energy. The depression and all of the negative memories, thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, fears, sadness, resentments, anger, frustrations, etc…which have been surfacing big time for me lately are God’s way of assisting me to clear out all of that old negative genetic encoding and imprinting within my conscious and unconsciousness, from my past which has been imprinted into my dna, which have created the negative attractor fields, which have been blocking me from manifesting the beautiful, successful, life that I have diligently been working to create for myself.

We must clear out the old negative programming and cell memory and allow God to reprogram us with the new programming we need to move our lives forward in a new direction…this is the healing work I provide to you through my services.

I feel so blessed to know during these times what the heck is happening within me and just how to ease and assist the process to move it along in a easier and faster manner.

This whole healing journey has been quite a trip for me to say the least, this has begun with me first and still continues to be me first, but as I have empowered myself with the tools and knowledge to heal myself, I’ve also empowered myself with the ability to assist you with this same healing journey.

Truly in order to change anything in your life, you have to change yourself first from the inside out, and that’s exactly what I’m doing and it’s exactly how we all do this for permanent change. This healing and energetic cleansing process works with any given situation, problem, disease or illness we may be facing because it’s all ENERGY.

Our minds are like tape recorders which store every event we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime, whether positive or negative and these memories become stored in our genetics, our conscious 4% and unconsciousness 96% of our minds and within our dna, dna strands and cells, which create these attactor fields in our etheric layer, which magnetizes to us the negative or positive experiences we see manifest in our lives. The positives are great, but the negatives can be so very frustrating and painful, especially if you’re consciously working to improve and manifest good things for yourself, right? OMG!!!

For anyone who’s living consciously these days, we know that we manifest our lives through our every thought, word, action and feeling so it’s critical that we clear out all of the old programming inside as we work to manifest the new life we desire…if we don’t work to clear, we’re constantly working against our old unconscious, self sabotaging programming, watering down and exhausting ourselves….and I know this one all too well personally.

We must diligently continue on with this healing process, no matter how much we want to stop…it must happen first within ourselves, we must reach critical mass, which is 51% of our consciousness must be resonating with the new vision and feeling of what we wish to see for our lives, before the new will manifest into physical form and in order to reach that 51% of critical mass, we must clear out at least 49% of the old programming within us. Which was the deep purging that was happening within me these last few days and has been through the years of my healing journey.

As I was going through the depression and the muck…I used my Reiki healing abilities as well as all of the other healing modalities I’ve empowered myself with to clear out this negative surfacing energy as quickly as possible for myself. When depression or negativity surfaces within me, I allow myself to simply rest, heal, and purge while I listen to soothing music in solitude and work with the Angels, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and God and all of the highest vibrational healers of pure love and light in harmony with my higher self to continue the clearing process.

I also voice if I feel the need to voice to those people in my life whatever needs to be said to change the dynamic of our relationship as well.

So, the main message I want to convey here is that Depression and Disease even though it’s not fun to experience can be a blessing in more ways than one:

#1, it’s old stuff coming up to be released…see it that way and let it go, get some help from a energy healer if need be but let it go or it will stick around until you do so. If you’ve been talking to a counselor and re-hashing events over and over again, is not clearing anything, it’s actually re-creating the events over and over again for you, because whatever you focus upon expands and manifests. You need to clear things once and for all from the root of who you are and this is how it’s done with the help of someone like me, an energy healer and counselor of holistic psychology.

#2, depression is also a sign that some things need to change in your life, it’s a message to yourself saying, I must do something different here, figure out what needs to change and voice it with your loved ones…don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind in a loving way.

#3 disease is an illness that you have manifested most likely on the unconscious level, it’s energy that is stuck in you and needs to be cleared away to open up your energy system to create health and vitality…it’s the bodies way of getting your attention, to take back your own power, to heal yourself, holistically usually in a combination of healthy, balanced, positive thoughts, which create happy feelings, which create the motivation to take healthy actions to maintain health and well being.

#4 if you’ve cleared during the stormy thoughts and emotions, clarity and wellness usually surfaces after the storm within, because you’ve cleared and released a great deal from within you permanently.

#5 dis-ease and illness is simply blocked energy and an inbalance or a blockage of your energy flow which has manifested an illness a dis-ease of your energy flow….you can either mask it with medicine or clear it with an energetic clearing and through the use of Reiki and Hypnotherapy we don’t even have to know what needs to heal, the Reiki energy itself works with your spirit and body and creates whatever healing needs to take place in you. If your dis-ease was inherited or a genetic disease, that too can be cleared, it may even be a karmic issue you are resolving and Reiki energy healing heals on karmic levels too.

By the way Reiki is something that anyone can empower themselves with. I teach one on one classes to anyone who holds the will to learn and empower themselves with this miraculous healing tool. You can learn more about Reiki on my website at and there is infinite knowledge on the web to learn from as well.

If you’re on an anti-depressant or a medication, I truly believe that SOME medications only act as a bandaid for stuffed feelings which are stuffed negative energy, which create blocks within you…when you clear from the root, the memories, perceptions, genetics, lineages, beliefs, karmic ties and the stuffed and stored old negative energetic emotions and feelings, you feel so much lighter and free, so much happier and joyful…while I’m not a western medicinal doctor who prescribes drugs, I am a holistic energy healer and I do know that everything about us stems from our mental programming, conscious and unconscious, which can all be cleared through the use of Reiki and Hypnotherapy, along with all of the other powerful holistic tools I’ve learned along the way through my studies and self healing process. If you’re seeking to heal in anyway, Reiki works beautifully in conjunction with whatever other methods you are using, that goes hand in hand with medicinal drugs too.

I know the power of the work I do, first hand…it’s all started within me first, I am the motivator for empowering myself with all of the holistic healing modalities I now hold and I’m here to assist you in this healing process as an unconditionally loving, non-judgmental, down to earth, honest and real person of integrity. It doesn’t happen overnight or in one session, it’s an ongoing process but my sessions are very powerful and recorded which empower you with the ability to work on yourself endless times, which is required honestly in my experience. Healing is a lifelong process that happens one step at at time. The good news is as our God Sun continues to accelerate the light on this dear planet, the energy of this healing process is accelerating at a faster, quicker rate which makes the whole process faster for us all.

Here’s another miraculous blessing of the work I can offer you, as I have worked to clear this old programming and genetic lineage from within myself, I have also worked to clear these programs within my daughter too. You too can clear for your children too, we do pass down our genetic lineages, but that can be healed and changed through the power of this work I can offer you as long as you have their permission. This is the power of the healing I can offer you and your children…everything is passed down from generation to generation, unless we clear it and that can be accomplished through these healing techniques.

This work can be used to clear anything and everything to include all diseases and illnesses on all levels within the physical body, the mental thought process, the emotional parts of who we are and the spiritual levels as well, that includes genetics of diseases too!!! Completely amazing work here, through miracles :)

My daughter doesn’t have to experience all the negative circumstances that I went through because of my personal diligence to heal those aspects of myself, the challenges, etc…her life will be and is so much easier than mine has been, which makes me feel like a success as a parent. Don’t we all want our children to succeed in life and don’t we all want our childrens’ lives to be better and easier than our own?

Isn’t this what we’re here to do, heal ourselves and our future generations to improve the world with every generation through our evolutionary process forward, we’re learning how to live with in heath, happiness, wellness and harmony with each other, our plant and animal kingdom and our beautiful home, Mother Earth too, right? This is how we create this harmony when we begin within ourselves as dear Michael Jackson so beautiful conveyed in his song “Man in the Mirror”.

This message comes deep from within my heart and soul, I’ve completely opened myself up to you, I’ve nothing to hide…I hope you can see and feel my authenticity here and I pray that you are able to see the blessing of what I have to offer you to help yourself and I hope to work with you soon. I’m happy to speak with you about this process to answer your questions as you move forward in your life.

Suicide is a very personal, real experience for me which truthfully was the motivator for me to begin my personal healing journey when eighteen years ago my step mother committed suicide and my baby girl was brought into my life, this are the genetic lineages that I am working to clear for myself and my daughter so this subject is very near and dear to my heart.

I am here for anyone who needs to talk, learn and heal from any past personal experience related to Suicide of a friend, family member or whomever it may be.

Please friend me on facebook at Lori Keeley and ask me questions, this is about raising awareness of how we can all heal from our challenges or email me directly at if you wish.

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I hope to connect and work with you very soon, until then, I send you my deepest unconditional love, light, angels, prayers and blessings!

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Until then, Namaste~
Lori Keeley
Reiki Master Teacher
Ordained Minister
Angel Card Reader and Spiritual Guidance Counselor
Lightworker and Earthangel

Love and Light~